Brymir Biography

The men:

Music and the passion for it is so often the one unifying factor in the endlessly growing sea of human differences. And so it was in the summer of 2006 when the paths of six very different young men came to cross. Folk metal was the initial inspiration that brought these men together; combining at times massive, aggressive metal with delicate, beautiful and sometimes even cheerful melodies and traditions of folk music, it was the perfect blend that gave something special for each one.

As things tend to go when a band of people have such a good time together; though started as a simple jolly project, things eventually formed into a more serious, unified vision: to create ambitious, massive music that would take the listener by force, with texts none the less striking; but simultaneously containing sombre undertones and passages, deep concepts that could give birth to enriching ponderings.

Enjoyable just as it is as music; but also as a greater inspiration.

The myth:

We are born, we age, and we die. The cycle of life; unyielding and merciless, a mystic beauty. In the Norse folklore, the giant Ymir gave his life to create this world; and after its end in the fires of Ragnarök the souls of the honourable shall feast eternally in the sacred hall of Brimir. So, since ages past the wise have known that even an apocalypse is in the end nothing but another beginning. Births and deaths; Brimir and Ymir; before and after; in the end are one, of the same endless continuum.

The name Brymir was chosen in homage to this revelation; which so soothes the soul in these turbulent times we were born into. Something ageless for the incessant seeker of peace and purpose; something fresh and innovative for the wandering soul.

The music:

In a similar vein, the music of Brymir combines the melodies of ages past with the sound of modern innovation; carved in the genre of metal whose power, energy and liberty suit our souls so well; and decorated with monumental orchestrations, seeking to soar to the stars in honour of eternities.

This contribution was born out of endless respect for the nature around us, our predecessors and the future we are yet to see, but also from a fiery dedication to create, innovate and achieve; to carve a place and carry the banner onward in honour and freedom.

Prepare for an unforgiving onslaught of metal: from the extremes of black/death metal to heroic power hymns, with tempos varying from lightning fast blasts to pounding marches, guitar solos both technical and atmospheric, headbanging riffs and all of it topped with intensely melodic, symphonic passages; beautiful melodies seamlessly intertwining with merciless aggression and furious screams.

With the boundless ambition and energy of youth; with honour, hope and hate; unforgotten the wisdoms of past generations Brymir take the first steps on the path they have chosen and carved.

Breathe Fire To The Sun:

Imagine a journey on a path shrouded in dense fog. Each step you take is one more into the unknown. There are only vague landmarks discernable through the mists, and only vaguely you have a feeling of actually moving forward.

This, my friends, is life. An endless stream of steps made in a misty landscape, one leap of faith after another. But each of these steps is a necessity, stemming from the driving desire to find what it is at the end of the path. It is a person’s own path, one that no one else can truly share. One that you choose…

But what we have started to see around us are the consequences of the blind steps of past generations, the dense mists slowly dissolving to show what we have done, and above all; what we have done wrong.

News abounds of the challenges facing us: floods, hunger, war, despair… Both religious and secular sources convinced that dramatic times are ahead. But the underlying reason is forever unchanging: ageless balance seeking to correct its course, like the constantly shifting tides but only on a much grander scale.

So our generations are turbulent, but our modern information-age has brought to our knowledge as many differing viewpoints and solutions as there are people, with each one dubbed almost as good as any other.

For many, this overpopulation of ideologies has spawned lethargy, indifference and laziness. But in reality, now is the time more than ever to make a choice, to overcome the existential void and dare to dream.

“Breathe Fire to the Sun” is a name as powerful as it is mysterious, maybe even ambiguous. For what is the point, you ask? But that is just the point: against all claims that living is pointless, it is up to one’s own courage to choose to believe in purpose. It is up to your courage to discern your dreams, weigh in the choices before you and carve the path; and know that even after the sun itself may die, the will of life shall carry on…

The album is a journey, a story of an individual’s awakening from existential slumber just when it’s too late, but whose spirit carries him over the veil of total despair and even death itself; that in the end, we can only carve our own separate path and thus contribute to the myriad ebbs and flows of our world.

Prepare to breathe the flame of life into our dying sun...
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