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“If anyone can leap hurdles in the Christian music industry, Evan Craft sure shows promised potential for doing so. Craft’s previous albums have previously been recorded in English but with his up and coming album, Yo Soy Segundo, he aims to exceed Christian music norms by releasing a Spanish record to be distributed throughout the US and into Latin America. Evan Craft aims to make a BIG impact on an expanded number of listeners. Born and raised in the Conejo Valley of Southern California, Evan Craft has been around music and the church his whole life. At the early age of 12, Craft begun to play the guitar and by the time high school had passed by, he had become highly proficient in singing, writing music and had even completed his first album Spotlight. Local success of his first album, combined with having a hit song on YouTube, led him to a deal with Dream Records. Now with support of a label, Craft is able to explore his music career to a wider audience. His debut, Giants, became an immediate hit and opened the doors to producing Yo Soy Segundo, with friends, Bob Curtin and Sean Cook (bass player of Billboard Chart Toppers, Press Play). Craft has had the amazing opportunity to travel the country playing from east to west coast opening for critically appraised bands Third Eye Blind, Carolina Liar, Eric Hutcheson and Tyrone Wells. Evan most recently has been travelling to churches, schools and even orphanages evangelically reaching out to those in need of God.

With the coming release of Yo Soy Segundo (I Am Second), Craft has worked day and night preparing one of his most anticipated feats yet. This album intends to leap the hurdles of language and reach out to the Spanish speakers of America and Latin America with a more in-depth worship of God. Whereas Giants was more pop/rock, Yo Soy Segundo features more soulful that is worship based and melody driven, making it easy for the audience to sing along and relate to.

With a greater goal in mind, Craft explains that there is more at work than the eye sees. “My goal for this album is to be more than a singer and a songwriter. My job is to lift God’s name on high for the people and let Him take care of the rest. I am just a tool for God, a resounding trumpet, a lighter for Him the Almighty.”

Craft’s deep faith helped him rely on God’s help to choose the best songs that would have the greatest impact on the listener. At times, he would wake up in the middle of the night with an incredible vision or melody of the music he wanted and he would immediately set to writing the music.

One of the songs on the album that speaks to Craft the most is “Dame Fe” (Give Me Faith). Craft wrote this with a personal and relatable meaning of – “Give me faith to trust in God in the hardest times so that I can trust Him and so that He can guide me.” Lyrically driven and acoustically satisfying, Dame Fe and the title track “Yo Soy Segundo” can both be found on the Dream Records artist page or on his YouTube page atwww.youtube.com/EvanCraftMusic. Both songs have an amazing and very catchy beat to them sure to draw in any listener regardless of their understanding of Spanish.

This proves to show that Craft’s music is universal. Despite the language difference, the music itself will draw the listener to God. It will make the listener want to look up the lyrics bringing those from different languages closer to one another unified in ONE FAITH through the amazing hand of God. Craft’s artistic vision is a vision of “Love Thy Neighbor,” relating to the US and Latin American relationship pushing both cultures to work together and love one another.

After the release of the album, Craft plans to tour the Border States and Latin America for six weeks spreading the love of God to more than just the people of America, unifying those from different cultural backgrounds under one Love, under one God.

Evan Craft won’t be done with his work after this record, so keep an ear out for more albums to come that may feature both English and Spanish lyrics from this rising star.”
Source: http://evancraftmusic.com/bio/
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