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Fey (born María Fernanda Blázquez Gil in Mexico City, July 21, 1973) is a Latin Grammy Award-nominated Mexican pop artist that became a pop teen idol for her country in the mid 1990s.


The niece of Argentine pop duo Gloria y Noemi Gil; Las Hermanas Gil, Fey has been involved with the music industry since she was a child. Fey became well-known in Latin America with her debut album, Fey. It was her next album, however, Tierna La Noche which brought her to worldwide fame.

Fey has sold over 15 million records worldwide, most of them produced by José Ramón Florez. Fey's self-titled debut was released in America in 1995, followed one year later by Tierna La Noche.

She and her husband currently have one daughter named Isabella. She is a vegetarian.
The 1990s and the Fey-Mania

Fey released her first album, titled Fey, in 1995, on the Sony Music Mexico record label. Within a couple of months of the album's release, Fey had scored several hits in her native Mexico, and had reached #1 with "Media naranja", "Gatos en el balcon", "Me enamoro de ti" and "La noche se mueve". Fey also had a massive tour in Mexico, including consecutive concerts in the Teatro Metropolitan, one of Mexico's well-known auditoriums, and all of Latin America, and reached Gold status sales by the end of the year. In 1996 Fey released Tierna la Noche. "Azucar Amargo", the CD's first single, stayed in the Billboard chart for more than 30 weeks. Her tour, Tierna la noche, was also very successful. Overall the tour consisted of more than 40 presentations in Mexico, the U.S. and Latin America, as well as some presentations in Europe.

In 1998, and after more than 8 months of absence, Fey released her third album El color de los sueños, which itself was different from the preceding two in that the album was a mix of different rhythms and styles. "Ni tu ni nadie", the album's first single, instantly reached number one in the Latin charts; "Diselo con flores", "Canela" and "Cielo Liquido" soon followed. Although the record did very well in sales, it did not compare to the over-the-top success of Tierna la noche. In the overall period of the three first albums, Fey’s amazing popularity and promotion caused all but 4 of the singles released to hit #1 in Mexico, with the most important being "Azucar Amargo", "Media Naranja", "Ni tu Ni Nadie", "Muevelo" and "Te Pertenezco", all of them spending more than a month in the top position in Mexico.

After almost a year of promotion and platinum record sales, Fey announced, in a 1999 charity concert, that: "everything has a cycle, and this is the end of mine".
Retirement and return (Fourth Studio Album)

After 3 more years without Fey, she returned in 2002 with a new album. She renovated her image, and brought a new management team composed of Rebeca Mostow for the Anglo market and Octavio Padilla for Latin America market. Epic Records was to release this album in the UK, then in Germany, France, Asia, and in the US. Fey announced in "La Taquilla" (Exa FM radio show) that her first stop was the UK, then she confirmed that Sony Music Germany was preparing promotional work in that country for her English album. And she said that her songs from this album were being released in clubs to get her known. Vertigo, which wasn't as successful as the past albums, reintroduced Fey to a more grown-up crowd, which had waited four years for her return. Vertigo was recorded in English, and it was produced by Graeme Pleeth and R. Jazayerí. As a present to her Mexican fans Vertigo was released as a double edition with both an English and Spanish album. The English album contains three songs not included on the Spanish version. After 2 singles ("The Other Side" and "Dressing to Kill"), Fey leaves Sony and then retires for two years.
La Fuerza del Destino (Fifth Studio Album)

In 2005, Fey, now a married woman, relaunched her career with La Fuerza Del Destino, a tribute to the Spanish group Mecano. This album was successful; it contained three top-ten singles: "La Fuerza Del Destino", "Barco A Venus" and "Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte". A radio-only single, "Un Año Más", was released for the holiday season in Mexico.

Fey toured in support of this album at the Viña del Mar festival 2005, the Selena Vive! festival, and many local clubs across the United States and Latin America. The record excelled sales-wise, and it gave Fey her very first Latin Grammy nomination for "Best Pop Female Vocal Album". She also received 4 nominations for Premios Orgullosamente Latino 2005 & 2006-Ritmoson Latino and a Premio Oye nomination. She was recognized by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in Miami in 2006 for supporting gay human rights. She was recognized mainly because of the success of her Tour in gay discothèques across the United States. She performed in places such as New Jersey, Chicago, Miami, San Antonio, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Ángeles.
Faltan Lunas (Sixth Studio Album)

After the success of her fifth album, Fey released a sixth one, Faltan Lunas and was produced by Carlos Jean. It was slated for an August 1, 2006, release, but was released on July 21, Fey's birthday. It features a pop/dance sound along with acoustic elements. The first single released was "Y Aquí Estoy". It was announced by Fey herself that the second single would be "Me Has Vuelto Loca", but it was changed to "Como Un Ángel". The album was only released in a few Latin American countries, and sold around 10,000 copies worldwide, making it her lowest selling album ever. "Como Un Ángel" was released in January 2007, but it failed to make an impact on the charts. Fey announced that she had left left EMI shortly after the failure of the second single. She also announced that she would record her next studio album with an independent label.
Dulce Tentación & Sweet Temptation (Seventh Studio Album)

During June 2008, Fey gave an interview to her fans through Fey Station. She confirmed she was working on a new album where she would have complete creative control. The album was released April 28, 2009, called Dulce Tentación, and the English version called "Sweet Temptation" was set to be released over the next months. The album was produced by Sam 'FISH' Fisher, who also co-wrote half of the songs on the record and will be distributed internationally by Universal Music. One track, "Cicatrices" ["Monsters"] was available for download Fey's official site (http://www.fey.com.mx) at the end of 2008. More than 170.000 downloads were registered while the track was available.

The first official single was "Lentamente" (Let Me Show You), a song that put Fey back in the top of the charts in México. The album was an unexpected success, winning a gold status for over 50.000 copies sold in less than one month in México. The second single Provócame (Games That you Play) was released in July 2009, however, a conflict between Fey and her new record label Mi Rey Music over promotion differences and the concept of the new video led Fey to part ways with the record label. Fey decided to create her own record label by buying the rights to her music and to Elephant Music from Mi Rey Music.

Late August 2009 Fey announced on her website that she was now in complete control of Elephant Music and continued to promote "Provócame", however, she suspended promotion of the single due to laryngitis. The video debuted on September 21, 2009; she also announced that she was to go on tour at the National Auditorium and record a live DVD. Fey had already toured in clubs all over the United States and was set to begin her Sweet Temptation World Tour in November, 2009, but this tour was canceled through a press release made by Elephant Music in December 2009 .

The last single from the album was "Adicto A Mi Cuerpo". Initial plans for a music video were scrapped due to Fey deciding to move on and record a new album, making the single a radio-only release. However, it did chart on several online radio stations.

"Sweet Temptation" was shelved as Fey decided to record a new album.
Eighth Studio Album, Family and New Record Deal (2012 - onwards)

During April 2010, it was announced via a press conference that Fey was in the studio recording her eighth studio album, with a lead single tentatively called "Te Amo A Mi Manera" previewed at the conference. The project went to hiatus because of her marriage to Alonso Orozco in August 2010. Fey gave birth to her first child, Isabella, on January 28, 2011.

On March 8, 2012, it was confirmed via Sony Music Mexico that Fey would be returning to the record company, after almost ten years since the release of Vértigo, her last material edited and promoted with them, and three years after the release of Dulce Tentación/Sweet Temptation, her last studio album. Sony Music and Blu2 Entertainment will serve on editing and distributing Fey's new material, from now on.

She has announced that her eighth album will be a Primera Fila, an album comprised entirely or live renditions of her past hits and a few new songs. It was recorded in June, and it is expected to be released in September of 2012. The first single, "Frío", was released on July, 21st during Fey's 39th birthday celebration.
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