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Eliciting a wide array of responses from adoring fans and haters alike, a leak permeated the online community last week suggesting that the Louisiana grind/electronic band IWRESTLEDABEARONCE had just signed under the dotted line with Century Media Records. Many expressed unbridled excitement at the prospect of a unique union between one of the world's most intriguing bands and one of the bigger independent metal labels. Now that California's newly-enacted marriage laws are in effect, it can be confirmed that the gayest of gay marriages did in fact occur and the two are officially recognized as partners at last. Guitarist Steven Bradley had the following to say about the special union:

"We couldn't possibly be more excited about signing to Century Media! Everyone at the label is supportive of our desire to make weird music that branches out into every genre possible, and they made us sign in blood and semen so we know we're in a good place. In all seriousness this is a lifelong dream come true, and we can't wait to make a new full-length for everyone to hear. Come hang out with us on tour!"

Best known for their spastic take on grindcore, metal and even showtunes, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE is as hard to categorize as that particular melding would suggest. One look at the new video for "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon," which encapsulates that twist particularly well, and you'll know what the band is all about. "Our goal is to keep people from being able to guess what we're doing next," says Bradley. "Our basic principle is f#@# genres." Because its members tend to keep an open mind to all forms of inspiration and influence, the band's sound could be compared to everything from Between the Buried and Me, Converge or Bjork, the latter alluding to frontwoman Krysta Cameron's diverse range.

While "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" is a demo track, the band released a self-titled, six-song EP last December. Missing on the recording, however, are drummer Ryan Pearson and keyboardist Daniel Andrews. Then a full band, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE were able to tour the country, generating the kind of buzz that attracted Century Media.
Source: thegauntlet.com
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