Jer Coons Biography

20-year-old Jer Coons would have won American Idol, but he slept thru the audition.

Raised by a family of marsupials until the age of six, Jer eventually found a home in the Green Mountains of Vermont. His pop songwriting tendencies left him largely ignored due to the region’s affinity for granola munching and doing the hippie-shake. Ignored that is, until now.

Jer hit the ground running in 2009, with an impressive batch of new songs earning him comparisons to a younger John Mayer, or an older Nick Jonas (the talented Jonas Brother) and everything else in between. Jer and his live performances are better than virtually all singer songwriters for several reasons:

- He does not shop at Urban Outfitters trying to buy trendy things in an attempt to look ten years younger, because if he did look ten years younger, he would look like a ten year old
- His backing band is better than the tapes Milli Vanilli used
- He won most musical in his high school year book

And boy, can this kid write a pop song.
Armed with drop dead catchy melodies, boyish good looks and a charm equal to or greater than Paris Hilton, Jer is poised for national recognition during the coming year. In the meantime, look for Jer Coons on a crowded street near you. His debut LP "Speak" drops September 29th and you can hear his song "Legs" playing in all Hollister stores.
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