Kalin and Myles Biography

Kalin and Myles is an American hip hop and pop duo from the San Francisco Bay Area. The duo consists of Kalin White and Myles Parrish.
The duo originally met at a house party in Northern California. Myles was having a crazy rager when one of his buddies brought Kalin along, which is how these two initially met. “We had always had known each other, and I would see him at the functions,” Myles said." They met for a second time at a movie showing of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in 2011, when Myles told Kalin he was starting to get into music. Shortly after, they began working together as a duo. Myles was quoted in a recent article saying the following." It was the premiere of “Never Say Never,” and we both ended up in the same row. It was crazy. But that’s not where we officially met for the first time – it’s just where we finally crossed paths again. And I was like, “Hey – what’s up? I’ve started to do some music!”" The two were working on their own raps and productions when they came together in 2011, recording their premiere song "More Than Friends" the first day, shooting the video the second, and uploading them both on the third. After an enthusiastic response, their solo careers were put on hold, and the duo began uploading more videos, including their breakout hit "Summertime Love." Shortly after meeting, they started making music together in Myles’ bedroom. Social media then sparked their popularity. Myles says, "I was just like making beats in my room and I just had a microphone from Guitar Center that I got and he came over and we put out a song like that weekend and got a cool response and just thought, ‘Yo, we should keep making more music.’”

In February 2012, the duo gave their first performance at Teen Hoot. Music beat reporter Dan Andrews, at the time commented on their strong interaction with the fans and their amazing stage presence. In February of 2013, the duo returned to Teenhoot. A music showcase of rising stars. At the event was music beat reporter Dan Andrews, of the Knoxville Focus. In his article titled "An Epic Teen Hoot" he immediately recognized how far along this due had come in just over a year. In his article he stated "One of the benefits of covering Teen Hoot for two years is that I have the opportunity to watch raw talent emerge and grow. A perfect example of this is “Kalin and Myles.” These young men got a shot at Teen Hoot last year and while I had commented on their strong stage performance, I had some doubts about if they could become the full package and take it to the next level at the time. Well, as I was walking into the concert venue, I could hear loud and clear just how far I had underestimated this rising power duo. Literally! As anxious fans were waiting to enter the auditorium, an adoring female fan shouted out, “When I say Kalin, you say Myles!” and in unison for about a minute you could hear the crowd chant get louder and louder: “Kalin… Myles!” I truly believe that these young gentlemen will soon be headlining Teen Hoot."

The duo released their debut EP, Chasing Dreams in June of 2014. The EP entered at number 6 on the Rap Albums chart. The duo released their second EP, Dedication, in December of 2014. They are going on a headlining tour in 2015 to support the EP.Kalin and Myles first met a house party that Myles threw. They had a mutual friend and after the party they contacted each other, which led to them making their first song "More Than Friends" as their first song. The duo later released a single titled "Love Robbery".
Source: wikipedia.org
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