Lali Puna Biography

Lali Puna are from Munich, Germany. The band was brought to life by Valerie Trebeljahr (who sings and plays keyboards), because it was her (plus a four-track-recorder) building Lali Puna’s core in early 1998. Having a lot of time on her hands after her all-girl-band LB Page had split up, she used the four-track as a kind of band replacement. Then came Markus Acher, relaxing from his Notwist and Tied & Tickled Trio duties and thus he became Lali Puna’s second member. After some time it became clear that this music should also be played on stage. And so drummer Christoph Brandner (Console) and keyboarder Florian Zimmer (ISO 68) completed the band’s second incarnation.


The band released their 1999 debut album “Tridecoder” on Morr Music, featuring nine excellent examples of how nice things can fall into place. The album was an instant success, if not a quiet revolution in the electronic music world, being obviously pop-song-oriented while still displaying a certain electronica aesthetic, and thus helping morr music finding its identity.

Scary World Theory

Most of 2001 was spent working on their second album which finally appeared as „Scary World Theory“ in september of that same year. Artistically as well as commercially, this album was even more successful than its predecessor. Lali Puna have been touring Germany and Europe extensively at the end of 2001. In the fall of 2002 Lali Puna went on their first US-tour and shared a van with Morr Music label mates and friends Styrofoam and Opiate. Only a few months later, Florian Zimmer left Lali Puna in order to focus on his other projects Iso68 and later on Saroos. He was replaced by Christian Heiß.

Faking The Books

In the summer of 2003, Lali Puna released their „Left Handed“-EP on Morr Music, which displayed a significant musical progression as Lali Puna started using electric, distorted guitars which could not be heard on earlier releases. This helped shaping a yet more diverse and dynamic sound without neglecting Lali Puna’s past regarding their fragile and beautiful electronic compositions. All the way through 2003 Valerie Trebeljahr and Markus Acher were busy writing new material for their third full length album which was recorded at the Uphons Studios and eventually has been mastered at famous Abbey Road Studios in London in december 2003. „Faking The Books“, as it is called, was released in april 2003 on Morr Music, followed by an extensive european tour as well as their second North America tour in fall 2004.

Our Inventions

More than half a decade has elapsed since the release of Faking The Books but the band’s impact on the climate of electronic rock music remains palpable and „Our Inventions“ finds Lali Puna continuing to push the frontiers of their medium. The album’s title was in place early on, helping inspire the sonic template for what’s surely Lali Puna’s most sophisticated and emphatically electronic collection of work to date. More than ever these songs place the group at the cutting edge of their art, facing up to the onset of an abstract, digitised future whilst retaining a timeless sense of musical ingenuity and endeavour.
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