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Lisa Ekdahl "Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile" (Sony Music)

On the upper floor a black piano, an old wooden floor and a record collection. Downstairs a home studio with a 50 years old German microphone, a vocal booth and a MacBook. After having lived in the West Village, NYC, Lisa Ekdahl decided that she wanted to make an album in english, the first in nine years. Back in Stockholm, Sweden she started to record the nine newly written songs that forms the album 'Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile' in her courtyard house. A simple and delicate album. Perhaps Lisa's strongest so far.

- We worked very hard with the sound. The goal was to make an album with a unique sound. Since I recorded in my home studio we always had time to try new ways to record. Usually I make an album in two weeks, this one has taken two years says Lisa Ekdahl.

The song "Don't Stop" was for example recorded four times before Lisa and producer Mathias Blomdahl were satisfied. The first single and title song "Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile" was an up tempo pop song before it was taken down to todays quieter version. "The World Keep Turning", which took five months to record, got its characteristic piano hook three hours before the mix. The song "One Life", which contains 20 whistling tracks, was recorded live by guest producer Tobias Fröberg on his couch. And "I Don't Mind", came about thanks to a gig in Rio, Brazil, where Lisa and her band played for an enthusiastic crowd.

Seven tracks of "Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile" are produced by Mathias Blomdahl, two by Tobias Fröberg. Studio legend Ronny Lahti mixed the album at Atlantis Studio in Stockholm and the album is featured by - among others, Ane Brun, Teitur and Keren Ann. The album cover photos of Lisa were shot in the Siwa oasis, in the middle of the Libyan desert, by Anders Tessing. The pictures were taken in January 2009.

Lisa Ekdahl is a Swedish singer, composer, lyricist and recording artist who has recorded albums both in the English and in the Swedish language. Her debut album sold quadruple platinum and brought her to into superstardom overnight in her native country, where she is mostly known for her strong song writing and Swedish lyrics. She's a three times Grammy Award Winner.

Several European countries has fallen for her understated way of performing jazz standards and original bossa nova songs. Lisa Ekdahl has recorded three albums in English: "When did you leave Heaven", "Back to Earth" and "Lisa Ekdahl sings Salvadore Poe". Her laid back style, matched with her fragility and sensitivity has dazzled fans and critics alike.

"Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile" is already a success before it is released. Even now, 14 countries around the world will be releasing the album during spring 2009, more are coming.
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