Little Dragon Biography

It was the mid-nineties ,Yukimi was 14 , Fredrik and Erik were 16 when they met for the first time at name of the high school,Gothenburg.
They started hanging out together and very soon all 3 began  playing  in a band called "Ava".
After graduating from highschool every one tried to survive as musicians  with side jobs in cafes, liquor stores, videostores, music shops,  truck driving,selling strawberries,  taxi driving  and much much more.
Around the same time Håkan had moved to Gothenburg from the deep dark woods of Småland. After several  failed attempts to get into the music university  Håkan changed direction and began to study enviromental issues but was also playing in different bands one of them being a reggae band that Erik was drumming with and  Fredrik playing bass . Together Håkan, Fredrik and Erik toured with the "Nazereenes" and also with Ugandan reggae star Maddox in Ethiopia and Uganda .
As with Hakan , Yukimi also tried and failed several times to be accepted into any music schools . Whilst being rejected by music schools Yukimi accepted the invitation to record as guest vocalist with Koop on their "Waltz for Koop" album and eventually travelled the world touring with them. Yukimi guest vocalled  on a variety of other stuff but in the end felt she would suffocate if she didnt start making her own music.
Yukimi moved in with  Håkan ,Fredrik and Erik in a collective near gothenburg central station.
It was a big space called The Seal Colonie the myth goes that the people who moved in would eventually turn into seals .
The money Yukimi was earning from playing with Koop became the foundation of the soon to be studio of Little Dragon which at the time was also there home.
In the early days Yukimi and Erik were deeply influenced by American rnb so the first songs they made were copies of styles they liked mostly in that slow sluggish tempo. After a year or so of infinite numbers of copies of those  slow sluggish songs they got tired of the sound and decided to start afresh.
Letting go of some of those inspirations they decided to create just whatever. Erik would start with some drum beats and Yukimi would sing melodies to them and that process gave birth to songs like "Test" and "Forever".
Håkan had a very big grey computer where he would make beats and songs in his bedroom and eventually Fredrik started making music aswell.
Yukimi started writing lyrics and recording vocal ideas on all the guys tracks. There were no deadlines ,no money and no pressure.
Soon there was a mountain of half-finished songs.
Finally a close friend Christoffer Berg ( aka Hird) got a hold of the songs and was interested in releasing a special edition single on vinyl on his and Daniel Nords label Off The Wall. This came as a big surprise and joy.

Yukimi would easily loose her temper in the studio out of pure creative frustration for various reasons, she therefore earned the name Little Dragon.
When the opportunity to release a single came by the group decided to choose Little Dragon as the band name.
The single got good reviews and became Rough Trade single of the week.
Yukimi and Erik were also singing backup vocals and percussion with singer songwriter José Gonzalez.
Peacefrog who also released Josés music got a hold of the Off the Wall single and proposed an album deal.

2007 Little Dragon released there first debute album on Peace Frog Recordings full of songs made at  the Seal Colonie.
Artwork for the cover was made by Yukimi's father Yusuke Nagano.
The album was well recieved in many corners of the world and got a lot of support from the radio station Kcrw in Los Angeles.

Little Dragon still had a mountain of songs and were ready with there second album already in 2007.
Yet after playing live around the world the band decided to change things around a bit for there second release.
They decided to make some more uptempo songs that  people would dance to.
Machine Dreams  became a album of olds songs and new ones reshaped into a more electronic soul/pop blend and was released Aug 31 2009.
Artwork was made by Hideyuki Katsumata  a japanese artist the band met through myspace.
In-between making albums Little Dragon made remixes for there own tracks, some film music and lots of touring.
Now  the Little Dragons no longer live in there studio.
There third album is currently in the making.
Basically they are like famaly because they see alot of eachother will continue to make music hopefully untill grey and  senile.

From the city of Gothenburg grew the birth of tiny creature.  Its breath full of fire passion death and dreams.
It lived in a fantasy called the electric forest. This forest was thick  with russtling secrets and  infintite amounts of pinetrees.
On occasional full moons the pine trees would light up in neon auras  of lime and turquoise and the ground would shake  with a steady rumble. The tiny creature grew into a little dragon.  It wrestled with the large wind sometimes. The heat of its breath would weave in with the cool air and make patterns in the sky. Although the creature was a powerful little beast it was light as a feather and would often sleep on the leaf flowing in the breeze.
And there it would dream in a dream. These dreams were without visuals and haunted by sounds.  electric sounds and beats would pump its little  heart and make her sleep walk around the forest like a ghost dancing in the night.
And the aching of this lonely creatures heart would be reflected in bittersweet melodies both haunting and happy.
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