Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love Biography

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love is an ever-evolving UK-based outfit. Over six years and through a shifting construct, they’ve employed varied approaches to writing and recording. But amidst changes, some constants have remained; a stark lyricism, thoughtful arrangements and complementary, harmonic vocals which glimmer and tremble throughout. Following their 2004 self-titled debut and the evocative “Ends of June” (Other Electricities, 2007), “Feels, Feathers Bog and Bees” is their third album.

“Feels, Feathers Bog and Bees” was recorded in a basement in Wormhill, Derbyshire with Adem (Domino Records), who also produced and mixed. The songs were sourced from temporally-scattered thoughts, re-envisioning and tangential compositions. Despite its piecemeal origins, “Feels…” is a strikingly congruous work. Core melodies burgeon and recede, gradually filling each song before hinting at basal elements of what awaits. Lyrics reoccur in varying contexts, woven within a rich tonal and percussive tapestry. Much louder than its predecessors, “Feels…” captures and expresses Low Low’s incidentals with expansive instrumentation and reinforces their lo-fi sound through newly-distorted atmospheres.
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