Missiles And Markers Biography

New Jersey pop-punkers Missiles and Markers are one of the hottest and fastest uprising acts to hit the east coast scene. Fresh off their spot on 2009 Vans Warped Tour on the Kia Motors/Kevin Says Stage, MxM is set to release its first full length album on infidel records during May of 2010. Recorded at the famous Water Music in Hoboken, NJ, the album promises to be a showcase of MxM doing what they do best: penning pop-oriented hits with intensity that get fans involved. Written collaboratively by the boys over the past year, the album promises to be more of what fans have come to love about their live show.

“One of the best things about us is we don’t try and fit into any exact mold” says front man Chris Simons. “We just bring our songs to the table and let the music take it's course.”
The new album promises to be a collection of windows into each members personal lives. The lyrics are composed of heartbreak and bitterness, mixed with sprinkles of addiction, revenge, adventure, and fun. Mixing crisp tight guitar tones with poppy sing-along chorus, the album paints a canvas that crawls out the speakers and gets everyone moving. Even though the songs are not theoretically “released” demos are getting strong fan response all over the country just from being on the website.

“It was a big surprise to see kids singing along in cities like Milwaukee and Chicago even though we had never been there before” says guitarist Mark Cebula. “We must be doing something right”

One of the reasons that MxM is accumulating such a loyal fan base is lots and lots of fan interaction. “Gone are the days of sitting around backstage” says guitarist Corey Ryzuk. “We spent everyday on tour hanging out and partying with fans.”
The boys take every effort and opportunity to connect, relate and chat.

Throughout their last summer tour, the guys spent their days around their merch tent, and even set up a kissing booth at select times during the day.
“We want everyone to leave with a story” Mark commented. “Its nothing a little mouthwash can’t cure.”

At a recent show at Six Flags New England, each band member spent their time before and after the show playing games and going on rides with kids from the crowd. Whether it’s riding the teacups or relentlessly answering texts and instant messages, MxM is 100% fan accessible. When they aren’t hitting crowds in the face with a high energy performance that leaves the stage dripping with sweat, they are signing t-shirts, taking pictures, and showing their love for fans. This makes fans feel like a part of a big family even before, during, and after the show. Just recently they started video documenting there antics, promising more videos of there off stage debauchery.

MxM first formed in 2006 after several renditions of solo projects by front man Chris Simons. Lugging around his acoustic guitar from open mic to open mic, he befriended the boys that would later complete the quintet. “Playing just me acoustic was fun, but I always left shows wondering what it would be like if I took it up a few decibles” said Simons.

Hooking up with seasoned artists drummer Joe Ott, and guitarists Mark Cebula and Jon Blendy, the band quickly took the NJ scene by storm. They relentlessly played shows at small halls and bars, but as time went by the kids started to listen. In 2007, MxM opened for The Starting Line and won the Converse battle of the bands at the Journeys Backyard BBQ. With a closet full of new shoes, the guys released their first demo titled “Roses in Ransom.” The album was collection of songs recorded between PJ Bianco of sphere recording, and Jesse Cannon of Cannon Sound. The demo garnered a ton of local attention. Not only was it featured on numerous college radio stations, but MxM's song "Sweet Katie" was also aired on New York’s 923 KRocks JV and Elvis show, as well as the National broadcast Opie and Anthony Program. "Sweet Katie" was featured on both programs with outstanding results. The song became a fan hit, and was soon the featured sing-a-long to close out their shows. “Kids related to it” says drummer Joe Ott.

Late 2008 MxM perked the interest of Water Music and Infidel Records Honcho Rob Grenoble, who signed the band to their first record deal. The guys began working on their first full length debut, only stopping for the East coast leg of the 2009 Vans Warped Tour.

Look for their new CD to hit stores and iTunes spring 2010 on Infidel Records, and get ready for a heaping serving of MxM to be delivered straight to your living room. Put on your dancing caps and hide your girlfriends, Missiles and Markers is unreal.
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