Wakey!wakey! Biography

Mike Grubbs was raised underneath the burgundy baby grand his mother gave lessons on for extra money. His father was a singer with a day job. They would never bring him to New York on vacation, so when he was old enough, he moved there and started what is now WAKEY!WAKEY!

Mike is most often seen alone on stage, behind his piano or guitar. With inspiration drawn from Soul, Punk Rock, and his classical background, his main influence is the integrity of the artists with which he has surrounded himself.

His songs are extremely intimate portraits of naked emotion, sang, whispered and screamed into the consciousness of the growing crowds that currently enjoy his live shows all along the East coast.

"Mike Grubbs could speak for each and every one of us when he pulls at our heartstrings with tales of lost love and broken spirits. But he's more than just another poetic, tortured soul. Grubbs' combines some beautifully played piano with a voice so striking it resonates around the room galvanising everybody within earshot - both painful and beautiful in equal measure."
- Joel Crane (NME)

"Driven by a stern piano bounce -- courtesy of frontman Mike Grubbs -- indie-pop-on-Mozart quintet Wakey!Wakey! are quickly becoming the talk of the Big Apple with rhythm-heavy, heartfelt ballads, and -- most notably -- Grubbs' striking Top 40 pipes. With an audience that ranges easily from wet-eyed punk rockers to stay-at-home moms, Wakey!Wakey! merge old and new, downcast classical renderings and indie rock pop-smarts -- and formulate a dynamic sound all their own."
- Spin.com

"Grubbs has the unique ability to transform a ho-hum venue into a futuristic circus."

"In a word: Wow. Ear to ear smiles. Seriously good stuff. Trust me."
-MTVNews.com Blog

"If you have ever been broken by love, the lyrics will tear at your heartstrings, yet leave you wanting more."
-Beyond Race Magazine

"His voice is like a smoke alarm in the dead of night: huge, dominant, unable to be ignored, maybe even life-saving. His singing commanded the room, but his songs resonated for more reasons than just the one."
-Pop Headwound
Source: myspace.com
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