We Came As Romans Biography

We Came as Romans is a post-hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan, that was formed in 2005. They have released two EP's and one full length album. Their debut album To Plant a Seed was released on November 3, 2009.. We Came as Romans has toured across the U.S. with bands such as The Chariot and have done work with the band The Word Alive. In April 2009 they signed with Equal Vision Records. They are currently on tour to promote their new album.

This Emergency Era

In August 2005 friends Sean N. Zelda, David Stephens, Jonny Nabors, Mark Myatt, and Josh Moore formed a pop punk band called "This Emergency". Originally, covering Blink-182 songs. They performed various gigs throughout the metro Detroit area. In November 2005, the band parted ways with bass player Jonny Nabors and replaced him with Sean E. Daly. In June 2006, Zelda quit the band to attend the University of Michigan. After that the band changed their name to We Came as Romans.

Demo and Dreams EP

After the name change they spent the next few years getting their members to today's lineup: Joshua Moore (guitar), David Stephens (screams/vocals), Lou Cotton (guitar), Andy Glass (bass), Eric Choi (drums), and Kyle Pavone (vocals).

Their first EP "Demonstrations", sometimes referred to as the "Motions EP", was sold at concerts and online through their website. This EP was released in early 2008 and is no longer available.

According to iTunes, We Came as Romans released their second EP, Dreams, on December 12, 2008. This EP was produced by Joey Sturgis (Mychildren Mybride, Miss May I, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!). AbsolutePunk gave Dreams a 79/100 review. They also gave the band high praise saying "If you think WCAR is just another hardcore band, then you are mistaken." Sputnikmusic gave them a 3.5/5. They called the EP "Short and sweet, but lasting and fulfilling". They have recently finished the Leave It to the Suits Tour with I See Stars, Of Mice & Men, and Broadway.

To Plant a Seed

To Plant a Seed is We Came as Romans' first full length album and was released on November 3, 2009. This album was also produced alongside Joey Sturgis like the second EP. The album features rerecorded versions of Dreams, and Intentions (featuring Tyler "Telle" Smith of The Word Alive) from their Dreams EP.

Christian Band Debate

They are not a Christian band yet their lyrics often cover love, and hoping people change the way they act because of it. When asked if they were a Christian band, their guitarist replied, "We have Christian dudes in our band and we have non-Christian dudes in our band, and as a whole, we're not a Christian band. We definitely get it, but we also get it a lot because our music, as a whole, has a positive message to it, and there aren't a whole lot of bands with a positive message who aren't Christian bands. Typically, its just Christian bands who promote a positive message. Just because we have a message, and its not about killing each other, we get the Christian band tag."
Source: wikipedia.org
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