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Owl City is the name of a project formed in early 2007 consisting of one member, Adam Young. Young started out making music in his parents' basement, which he claims is a result of his insomnia. Among Young's influences are disco and European electronic music. 1980s synthpop and New Wave music is also heard in Owl City's sound.

Owl City found early popularity through its own MySpace profile, which has received more than 5 million plays on tracks, such as "Hello Seattle". Young is joined by Breanne Duren on several tracks; the most noted of which being "The Saltwater Room." She is often mistaken for, but is not, the singer Lights; however, Adam Young is also friends with Lights, and is often musically compared as her stylistical male equivalent.

Relient K vocalist Matt Thiessen has also collaborated with Owl City on several tracks.

Owl City's first two records were released while Young was unsigned. In early 2009, Owl City was signed to record label Universal Republic with the help of entertainment attorney Ken Abdo.

Owl City breaks away from the mold of 2000s music in that his music is happy and "G-rated" and not depressing, manic or obscene.

He sings about unconventional topics such as urban design, the elements, travel, and also more conventional topics such as romance and love.

Like new urban contemporaries Lights and Ben Gibbard, Young's music is primarily synth based, dreamy and atmospheric.

Owl City has been said to sound like the The Postal Service.

Despite being a devoted Christian, Adam does not consider his music Christian music, though he does say his faith is "his main inspiration" in his music.

Prior to the July 14, 2009 internet release of Ocean Eyes, and the "Fireflies" single, Steve Hoover was hired as a director for a Music Video for "Fireflies". The video had an exclusive premier on MySpace, but was leaked onto Dailymotion and Youtube hours early.

Owl City has released three albums, with the latest entitled Ocean Eyes released at iTunes on July 14, 2009 and a physical release on July 28, 2009. In 2007, Owl City released an EP titled Of June.

In 2008, the album Maybe I'm Dreaming was released. Of June reached #20 on the Billboard Electronic Albums chart, and Maybe I'm Dreaming peaked on the same chart at #16. In 2009, Ocean Eyes debuted at #27 on the Billboard 200.

Ocean Eyes Went On To Reach #2 on The Top Albums Section of iTunes on The iTunes Week of July 14th.

After merely 2 weeks the album Ocean Eyes had received over 2600 ratings on itunes with an average score of five stars.

Owl City has also released three singles, "Hot Air Balloon", "Strawberry Avalanche", and "Fireflies", leading up to the release of Ocean Eyes.

Young maintains two side projects, Swimming With Dolphins with Austin Tofte and sometimes Breanne Duren and Port Blue. Young has been a part of two other side projects that created original music similar to Owl City; Windsor Airlift and Insect Airport.

Young has revealed a new musical project known as Sky Sailing, moving away from his usual electronica genre of music and introducing acoustic guitar and piano accompaniments into his work. The unrefined tracks were recorded in the summer of 2007 before he began making music as Owl City. His first album under this new project is entitled "An Airplane Carried Me To Bed", and was released July 13, 2010 via iTunes.
He also recently announced via Twitter that more music will soon be released under his main project, Owl City.
In May, 2010, Adam Young collaborated with high-profile British electronic composer, producer, musician, and songwriter Nick Bracegirdle. Under his Chicane alias, Bracegirdle released the single 'Middledistancerunner' on 1 August 2010 featuring Adam Young on vocals. This will be the first single from the upcoming fourth Chicane album Giants.
He also worked with famed Dutch producer Armin van Buuren, appearing on a track called 'Youtopia' from the forthcoming van Buuren album Mirage on September 10, 2010.
On August 2, 2010, it was announced that a cancellation of the Owl City opening for Maroon 5 due to medical issue (kidney stone) was necessary.
He also stated on his Twitter, that he will release a song for the upcoming film, Legend of the Guardians, titled "To the Sky" which hit the Internet on September 1st, However most videos which had the song have been removed from youtube due to several copyright claims by UMG.
On September 1st 2010, Adam Young opened Owl City University as an interactive fan site with projects and homework including the integration with Facebook and Twitter. It is an area where other fans can join groups and communicate. It contains "projects" to complete to get credits. It includes messages directly from Adam Young as video blogs. Adam Young started the Owl City University Twitter account late August.
Source: wikipedia.org
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