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There are singers all round the globe that unleash a worthy listen, an enjoyable song and a memorable sound. There are very few singers in the universe who embed that utterly unique tone you instantly, undoubtedly recognise. That captivating, spine tingling, soulful, big voice that warrants a superstar status.
Anastacia is just this. A superstar.

‘Resurrection’. A strong and interesting word. It is the translation of her name in Greek. It is description of something that is re-born. ‘Resurrection’ is fittingly the title of her new album. Anastacia has been on a long journey both in life and with her career in music. Sometimes you have to lose your way to find yourself again, overcome challenges, experiment, but if you’re focused enough you’ll find your way back. You’ll resurrect everything that went off track. If anyone knows how to find their inner strength, focus and not give up, it’s Anastacia.

The album is simply stunning. A true melodic, heartfelt, emotional but also uplifting journey. It’s a statement from a warrior, a fighter who sends a message of encouragement to the world. Don’t give up, stay positive, find your inner-strength.

From the uplifting, infectious, fun, pop tracks that make you just want to get up and dance, (which, by the way you simply can’t help but sing along to no matter how hard you might try) to the tracks that literally grab your heart, make you swallow the lump in your throat, while fighting back the tears that will eventually trickle down your face.

‘Stupid Little Things’. Fun, quirky, catchy and upbeat. The first single. A pure example of Anastacia ‘resurrected’ from the superstar we all loved and remembered a decade ago. Maybe it’s a coincidence Sam Watters and Louis Biancaniello (writers of the smash hits ‘l’m Outta Love’ and ‘Left Outside Alone’) wrote this very track, or maybe its just the magic that comes to life when they team up with Anastacia. Either way, it works. This song will have you smiling, clicking your head from side to side and should come with a warning sign that once you’ve heard it, you’ll be singing the chorus for the rest of the day. Guaranteed.

So, from the tongue in cheek pop-tastic head wiggler, to the equally catchy, strong and powerful ‘Staring At The Sun’ we’re exposed to Anastacia’s positive passion for life. Be grateful for what you have, treasure your blessings and don’t get caught up in the pettiness that can drag you down. Look beyond and see the bigger picture, the light.

For anyone who doesn’t know the challenges Anastacia has faced, there have been a few. It was just recently in April 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time in her life 10 years after her first battle. Some would have crumbled, fallen at this hurdle but Anastacia refused to let it get the better of her.
“The Big ‘C’ has a dark cloud, people automatically think death. l didn’t.”

In the back of her mind she knew this day might come, so as much as one can never really prepare themselves for such news, she researched her options and was certain of her plan. Not a light decision to say the least, but she was to undergo a double mastectomy and rid her breast cancer once and for all. This process would be intense and require ‘time out’ for recovery, but until the day of the operation she found solace in writing a journal of songs. A cathartic approach, something to focus on. She was ready to find herself again, speak out to the world through her music, her resurrection.

Her personal changes and challenges went hand in hand with the hurdles occurring in the music industry. A world that has taken a beating but fought back. No one can live without music. No one can live without the fight to survive. Everyone faces challenges and writing this album was Anastacia’s opportunity to share her experiences and turn them into words of encouragement.

“Sometimes I wonder if my purpose on this earth is to be a role model. Look at my challenges as a gift, and my voice as tool”.

The day Anastacia found out she had cancer again she had just arrived at the studio with writer/ producer Jamie Hartman.
The phone rang, she simply listened, solemnly nodding and absorbing the shattering news. Not an easy thing to hear. Jamie, shocked of course instantly instructed her to go home. You can imagine the baffled look of disbelief across his face when Anastacia broke her silence and looked up at him:

“Are you kidding me? No way am l going home, lets write a damn song!”
…and so they did!

“l wasn’t planning on going anywhere. Not from that session and certainly not from life”
That was the day the song ‘Stay’ was born. The first chapter of her road to recovery.
Wow. What a song. A pure transition from the up-tempo tracks you’ll have been bobbing your head to, a fine example of how this album taps into every emotion with the perfect balance.
“The music industry has changed immensely since l started out and l’m only just now really learning how to change with it.”

In 2000 Anastacia had her first hit with ‘l’m outta love’ which became the biggest selling single of the year from her first studio album ‘Not That Kind’. She went on to thrive success with a further 5 studio albums that threw her into that very superstar status we talk of, having sold over 30 million records to date.
From then till now, she has lived, learnt and reflected.

Apologising is never an easy action but sometimes a necessary part of a healing process. A clear title but a mystery message within the album, ‘Apology’ shows her sincere remorse. Overcome your ego and admit when you see your faults. It’s not always easy but it’s sometimes necessary.

This album speaks words of wisdom to everybody. Anyone can either relate or find comfort from it in some way, but even when you’re reaching for the box of tissues, (which you’ll definitely need after listening to ‘Broken Wings’) you’re never left without a positive message.

From the track ‘Lifeline’ a powerful story of survival about killing a friend (the friend being cancer), to the enchanting number ‘Evolution’, touching on how everyone and everything grows and develops, we once again learn how inspiring someone’s ability of turning a negative into a positive can be.
Resurrection is powerful, emotional and infectious. Her voice on this album couldn’t be more present. It couldn’t twist and soar and reach into your soul more. It shimmers with strength, vulnerability and wisdom in equal parts.

“l feel like this album is actually the me I lost for a while. l missed her, but l think l found her again.”
And found her again you most certainly did.
Anastacia, welcome back!
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