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Dave Days is a young boy with big dreams. Ever since he picked up his first guitar he’s been writing music and working his creative mind. His music and abilities were unheard of in the world until the internet came along. By internet, I mean YouTube. Dave began posting videos of his music and other skits gaining over 200,000 subscribers and over 50,000,000 views in a little over a year. Dave is often referred to as an entertainer, musician, comedian, and Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend… I mean handsome single man. He has been spotted numerous times wearing a green polo and white hat. He dreams of moving to LA after high school to start working for the Diamond Factory and tour the world with his musical creations. Catch Dave Days on YouTube or at his live shows on BlogTV!

Q: How old are you?
A: I am 17 years old and I am a senior in High School. Sometimes when I am in certain locations I tell people I am 21. No reason.

Q: Why do you wear that silly green shirt everyday?
A: I wear it because it has super powers that help me perform and act greater than without it. I wore it in my very first video where I made fun of “Sigafoo”, who is known for exposing DaxFlame. Maybe I just like wearing it okay?! Why do you wear what you are wearing now huh?

Q: Do you wash your green shirt?
A: Yes. Monthly.

Q: Where can I get my own green shirt and have super powers?!
A: Visit the Merch page on this website!

Q: What do you use to film and edit your videos with?
A: I film using a Panasonic 3CCD camera. I use Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 to capture and render all of my videos.

Q: How do you get your songs to sound so professional?
A: Keen ears. It takes keen ears and years of experience. I can’t give away all my secrets but mix the music well. Pan the guitars L and R, add compression to almost everything, some reverb/delay on the voice, many little tricks but pretty basic.

Q: Um… Okay so what recording software/gear do you use?
A: I use low budget recording gear/software FYI. For all my YouTube songs I have been using an MXL990 Condenser Microphone ($60) plugged into an Eurorack MX 602A Mixer ($50) which is plugged into the Pink Mic Jack in my computer using a guitar chord and adapter. This all records onto Acoustica Mixcraft Version 2. I use the condenser to record Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. When I record bass I plug directly into the Mixer. For guitar recording I plug directly into the back of a Marshall AVT50H head Emulated Output directly into the Mixer. As for drums, I have many drums mics.. but I also have Fruity Loops.

Q: Is that really you singing in your videos?
A: Yes I sing and record all the music myself.

Q: How do you think of such funny, entertaining, nonstopwatchable videos?
A: Well I get ideas by watching other videos and hearing other songs. It gets me motivated and inspires me to create my own work. Miley Cyrus was honestly the easiest target when making videos about. I mean that in a good way.

Q: OMG Do you really love Miley?!
A: YES STF!! Actually, I guess a little celeb crush. It would be cool to meet her, and date her, and marry her, and have some children, and spend the rest of my life with her. So yeah, a little crush. Wait are we talking about the real Miley or my cardboard honey?

Q: Selena and Demi are sooo much cuter and talenteder!
A: Recently I have been checking them out. Who knows who my heart will seek next?

Q: What is the best way to get in contact with you?
A: If you are a fan I would suggest watching and talking to me during my live BlogTV shows. Get there early so you be in the main room! (150 per Room). If you are a Business, Company, Agency, or who wants to make me the big bucks, send an e-mail to contact@davedays.com.

Q: When are you going to make a CD?
A: I am currently working on a CD which I plan to release on iTunes and in stores. It is a very important goal for me to finish this CD. I am a picky person, or a perfectionist, so I truly am taking my time. The CD will consist of all never before heard music. The songs will not be parody songs but originals. I hope to release it over the Summer in 2009.
Source: davedays.com
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