Erreway Biography

Erreway was an Argentine band formed during the television series Rebelde Way, consisting of Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo and Benjamín Rojas. Originally, it consisted of Bordonaba, Colombo, Rojas and Luisana Lopilato, who left the group in 2005. Releasing three studio albums — Señales, Tiempo and Memoria — Erreway sold more than 5 million records worldwide and achieved several Platinum and Gold album certifications in Argentina.

1996—2001: Chiquititas

Chiquititas was a popular Argentine television series for children and young adults in Latin America. It was created by eminent television producer Cris Morena, and also got its versions in Brazil and Mexico. Camila Bordonaba was the first to join Chiquititas, capturing the role of Pato in 1996. In 1999, her character left the series, and Bordonaba returned as Camila Bustillo. Felipe Colombo at first starred in Mexican version of Chiquititas, joining original series in 1999. Both Benjamín Rojas and Luisana Lopilato were cast in 1998. In 2001, they reprised their roles in Chiquititas 2001 film spin–off Chiquititas: Rincón de Luz. While acting in Chiquititas, they all discovered their musical talents.

2002—2003: Rebelde Way, Señales and Tiempo

In 2002 Bordonaba, Colombo, Lopilato and Rojas were cast for the Cris Morena Group television series Rebelde Way as, repectively, Marizza Pía Spirito, Manuel Aguirre, Mía Colucci and Pablo Bustamante. Rebelde Way enjoyed an international success, filming in 2002–03. As the leading four, Bordonaba, Colombo, Lopilato and Rojas singed a recording contract with Sony Music. Their debut album Señales was released in 2002 (see 2002 in music), selling in 1 million records worldwide and achieving double Platinum certification in Argentina. Its songs were used in the first season of Rebelde Way. Señales singles "Sweet Baby", "Bonita de Más", "Resistiré", "Inmortal", "Amor de Engaño" and "Será Porque Te Quiero" also enjoyed a great success, topping charts throughout Latin America, Europe and Israel. Erreway held a sold out concert at the Grand Rex in Buenos Aires in December 2002.

Erreway's sophomore album, Tiempo, was released in 2003 (see 2003 in music). It sold in 2 million records worldwide and was named their best album by critics. Singles "Tiempo", "Será de Dios", "Para Cosas Buenas", "Que Estés", "Te Soñé" and "Vas A Salvarte" achieved international success, followed by a promotional tour Nuestro Tiempo. At Nuestro Tiempo tour Erreway was supported by Rebelde Way cast members, with Victoria Maurette and Piru Sáez occasionally performing their solo songs. In December 2003 Rebelde Way ended.

2004—2005: 4 Caminos, Memoria and the departure of Luisana Lopilato

In 2004, after Rebelde Way ended, Erreway signed contracts for one more album and a Rebelde Way spin–off film, in which they would star as their Rebelde Way characters Manuel, Marizza, Mía and Pablo. 4 Caminos was premiered on 1 June 2004 and, although it was received negatively by film critics, it was a box office success. Erreway's third album Memoria was released on 2 June 2004 (see 2004 in music) and included the songs from 4 Caminos. Memoria spawned one single, "Memoria", with its B-side "Que Se Siente". "Memoria" eventually became the most successful Erreway single, debuting at number 1 at the Argentine Billboard Chart. It also stands as one of most successful songs written by Cris Morena. After a successful tour Gira 2004, Erreway announced a short pause in their career together.

Erreway had their first tour without Luisana Lopilato in 2005, which resulted in Camila Bordonaba singing her song lines. Lopilato officially missed the tour due to the tour dates conflicting with the filming of her telenovela Casados con Hijos. Shortly after, it was announced Lopilato had left the band. "I had no time for tour because of the work. I told our producer I could go on the next tour, but he obviously did not report that to Camila, Benjamín and Felipe. Thus everyone thinks I left the band. But, now, I can say to you that I will not be going back to Erreway, though who knows what will be in the future", Lopilato stated for an interview for Bravo.

2006—present: Recent tours and activities

In the summer of 2006 Bordonaba and Colombo went to Spain to promote the compilation album, Erreway en Concierto. The album included an album of Erreway's greatest hits and a DVD, with videos of tour footage. It was released by Warner Music Spain. In 2007, Erreway — consisting of Bordonaba, Colombo and Rojas — performed at the Spanish music festival Sunny Happy Day in front of 50 thousand people, and also released their greatest hits compilation Erreway presenta su caja recopilatoria.

Soon after, Erreway announced they would once again visit Spain. It was soon reported the fourth member, Luisana Lopilato, would begin recording her first solo album, instead of joining them. Erreway then cancelled their new Spanish tour and announced they woud visit Spain after the recording of their new studio album, which would be released in Spain. Erreway confirmed that, unlike their previous albums, Vuelvo would feature songs written by the band themselves. They also announced the album would contain twelve songs, including five rerecorded songs from their 2004 album Memoria and seven new songs The album was set to be released in 2008, but was postponed. In October 2009, it was rumoured Erreway would reunite once again as a quartet on 8 October, which has been named the International Day of Erreway, but it did not occur.
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