Keisha Buchanan Biography

Keisha Buchanan was born 30 September 1984 and is a singer, song writer and producer. She was one of the founding members of the hugely successful British girl group Sugababes, which today is carried on as a brand with no original members. Sugababes today have little dignity and a small fan base.

While at Primary school in Kingsbury Keisha Buchanan met Mutya Buena. At the age of thirteen the pair met Siobhan Donaghy at a party. The three later formed Sugababes.

In 1998, the Sugababes were offered a record and had their first hit single in 2000 with 'Overload' from their debut album 'One Touch'. The band carried on releasing singles from One Touch and toured and promoted their work endlessly. However London Records decided the album did not meet expectations and dropped the girls.

Siobhan left Sugababes in September 2001 and was later replaced by Heidi Range who is rumoured to have been placed in the band for her appearance rather than her vocal ability. The band were signed to a new label (Island Recdords) and enjoyed success for a further three albums before Mutya Buena decided to quit Sugababes in December 2005.

She was replaced by pop star wannabe Amelle Berrabah, after which the band re-released Taller In More Ways with Berrabah's vocals on a number of tracks.

The Sugababes had a very distinctive sound in the beginning with the touch of each of the original members, however with two of them now gone and Mutya being a favourite of many fans the future was uncertain. Despite this their next album Change was a success and the band toured once again.

By the time the next album came along rumours were floating about that all was not well within the group and reports suggested their had been in fighting between the girls. The band went ahead and released 'Cat Fights and Spotlights', and despite the album having a fresh sound and great tracks it did not sell as well as expected.

The final chapter of Sugababes for Keisha came with the seventh studio album 'Sweet 7', dubbed 'Sour 7' by many loyal Keisha fans. Despite the first single being a hit and all seeming well Amelle went AWOL and eventually in September 2009 Keisha announced via twitter that she was no longer part of the Sugababes. The release of the album was postponed before finally flopping on a huge scale.

Since Sugababes were founded Keisha was the only member to have a writing credit on a Sugababes song without any other members, co-writing "Whatever Makes You Happy" on their third studio album, Three. Though not released as a single it sits out as one of the best tracks.

Today Keisha is settled with her fiancee Dean Thomas is currently working on her first solo album which is expected to be released this year. So far only a clip of a track written in the early days of her solo career has been posted to the net, however Keisha says this is not the direction of the album.

Keisha Buchanan is also expected to appear on Strictly Come Dancing in the near future as a contestant. She has also expressed an interest in appearing on the X-Factor as a judge.
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